How It Works

  • Drink The Coffee

    Get a FREE bi-weekly delivery.

  • Promote The Mission

    Talk coffee. Share the purpose.

  • Share The Profits

    Get 10% back on each purchase.

High Quality Product

A product you want to put your name on.

Integrally Sourced

Our #SignatureRoasts Exceed Fair Trade and Organic Certifications

Roasted to the Bean

Tests on tests on tests to find the perfect roast method for each region.

Shipped Direct

Delivered anywhere in the US within 72 hours of roasting.

Want a sample?! Press the cute little chat button 💬 and say “I want to try it!” 🙌

Partnership Benefits

You add value to your followers. We add value to you.

Uplevel Your Brand

Officially partner with a Non-Profit that’s creating change.

FREE Coffee & Swag

FREE Bi-Weekly Delivery PLUS mugs, shirts, & exclusive partner gear.

Partner Page

Get a custom co-branded landing page explaining our partnership.

Listed as a Partner

Listed on our official partners page with a link to your site.

Massive Industry

83% of adult Americans drink at least one cup a day. Which means they keep buying more and more.

Exclusive Events

Get pre-release product tastings & exclusive invites to various events.

Be Part of The Mission

Help us create change by promoting our mission, and sharing our coffee!

Drink The Coffee.

Promote the Mission.

Share The Profits.

When you partner with HearthStone Native, you’re not just partnering with a specialty coffee company, you’re partnering with a non-profit that is making an impact.

As an 100% Non-Profit, all of our profits are dedicated to supporting orphans where we grow our coffee, as well as foster kids here in America. We don’t just donate money, we create structured teams that are dedicated to helping children thrive, not just survive.

Because you’re helping us promote our brand and our mission, we want to reward you by sharing the profits with you! For every one time sale that is generated from your following, we will give you 10% back, and for every recurring sale (coffee delivery) we will give you 15% back each time the customer pays (weekly, bi-weekly, every 3 weeks, monthly).

Our average ticket amount is $35 for one time purchases, and $32 per month for recurring delivery. That means that you can earn on average $3.50 per sale (10%) and $4.80 each month for each subscription (15%) that comes in for as long as they are getting our coffee!

Multiply that by 1% of your following, and it’s not a bad little check.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you international?

No, unfortunately we are only in the USA with plans to expand to other countries soon.

Do I need a 1099 Misc?

You will only need one if you make more than $600 a year with us… So, yeah basically you will need one. 🙂

How do you make payments?

We pay out bi-weekly through PayPal.

Have another question? Drop us a line.

Your turn to make a move

Let's partner together to help children thrive, not just survive.

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