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This coffee from Ethiopia is the owners favorite. Deliciously buttery, notes of sweet tobacco, fig, and honey. (Save $2/lb)

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Yirgacheffe District - Ethiopia

Region: Yirgacheffe District
Estate : Various Smallholder Farmers

Ethiopia is the 7th largest producer of coffee in the world. It’s also Africa’s top producer. About one half of the coffee is consumed by native Ethiopians, while the other half is exported. The country leads the continent in it’s domestic production. The primary markets for exported coffee are the EU (which account for almost 50% of the exports), East Asia (about a 25%) and North America, including a substantial amount to the US. About 1,500 square miles of land is used to grow and farm coffee in Ethiopia. In most cases, processing, cultivating and drying, are still done by hand.

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