Dedicated to helping orphans prosper.

The Purpose:
Every coffee shop wants to create “community”, but what does that word really mean? Well, to us, it’s a place where people can come to thrive, and take action if they’re not. HearthStone Native was founded on the idea that coffee could be used as an avenue to do just that.
We bought the highest quality coffee we could find, imported it directly from the farmers, and invested the profits back into the communities that support our trade, and allow us to bring these delicious coffees to you.
Now, with the growth and reach of our mission expanding, and with the help of a few like minded people, we are excited to announce our new coffee concept, now open, right here in our home town of Colorado Springs, CO
With every purchase, we invest our profits to build education centers for orphanages in the regions we source our products. We’re passionate about supporting the next generation of growers, builders, and doers, and we hope that you can be as excited as we are to make a tangible impact in their lives.
We’d love for you to try any of our unique single origins by themselves, or stop into our shop to blend your own custom espresso shots for a wide variety of delicious drinks. Whatever you decide, we can’t wait for you to experience a coffee that deserves to be #Native to your HearthStone.


Our goal is to teach kids how to sustainably provide for themselves by building programs that focus on trade based educational access to children here locally, and orphanages in developing countries.

We help create fundamental programs tailored to agricultural trade, and self sustainability. We work specifically with orphanages in several different regions to train children on how to successfully establish the sustainable production of food, and use that knowledge to create a stable foundation for them in volatile economies.

All of our education programs are tailored to providing a deeper understanding of valuable, real life skills. We focus on empowering kids with practical knowledge in self sufficiency, personal growth, business development, and creating ecosystems of individual accountability

Your turn to make a move

Every bag helps us on our mission to feed kids.