Dedicated to supporting the people that support us.

The purpose of HearthStone Native is to serve as an incubator for our neighbors that share the common goal of making a positive impact through community.
We use fresh roasted coffee, and hand blended teas as a beautiful way to facilitate new relationships in our city, and worldwide.
Our hope is to import more than just coffee, but rather an exchange of brilliant ideas, from even more brilliant people, that love to connect through simple human experiences.
Whether you’re coming by our shop in Colorado Springs to enjoy a cup of coffee, or to enjoy new fellowship, we hope you’ll find something that deserves to be #Native to your HearthStone.


Our passion isn’t exclusive to offering delicious, fresh roasted coffee. We also love agricultural trade, and the idea of self sustainability. That’s why we support education programs at orphanages in coffee growing regions, that teach kids how to provide for themselves in developing countries.

We also support local aquaponic programs that that train children (and adults too!) on how to create sustainable food production and agricultural stability.

Your turn to make a move

Every bag helps us on our mission to feed kids.